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Our proofreading, editing and manuscript review packages are specifically tailored to help you publish the best possible version of your story.

Publishing a book that doesn’t sell, or worse – gets bad reviews – isn’t fun. It’s all right for your friends to flatter you and tell you everything looks great. But you need a book editor who isn’t afraid to use a lot of red ink. Sometimes, to fix a manuscript, you need to cut off an arm or a leg.

THE BOOK BUTCHERS are insanely talented book editors with decades of experience trimming meat from fat, separating skin from flesh, exact anatomical knowledge of fiction and non-fiction writing, and the right tools and techniques for each precision cut. We help fiction and non-fiction authors perfect their manuscript and publish books that readers will love.


If you’re looking for professional book editing services from senior publishing industry insiders, look no further. Besides editing, we can also answer all your publishing questions and get you started building your author platform.

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Book Editing for Indie Authors

OUR EDITORS are confident, calculated, experienced and ruthless. We tend to look for people with at least an MA in Literature and 2 years of full-time book editing experience, but will also give editors a chance if they’ve edited at least 10 books and can provide references from happy clients; or if they’re successful authors themselves who have published several books.

But we only give them a chance

Although we hire the world’s best editors, we still make them compete for the work by having them send you a personalized trial edit, in an arena of trial-by-fire, only the best survive, copy editing combat.

This method separates the wheat from the chaff, as the absolute best editors will get work, and the talented, but not amazing, will have to seek employment from a less demanding company. This also lets you get to know them, compare their notes and improvements, and ensure you get the best editor for your book.


We've carefully structured our packages to maximize value for every budget.

You want to publish quickly and on the cheap (or, you’re just looking for a final proofread)


A basic hack and slash: we’ll proofread, catch typos, fix grammar, trim sentences, remove repetition, flag some larger issues, but mostly get it ready for publishing and make sure it’s clean and shiny.

Unlike most other basic “proofreading” packages, ours includes rewriting and improved word choice, as well as a one page summary of some big picture issues that could be improved. If we see something that looks bad, we’ll fix it – but we won’t wrack our brains trying to solve bigger issues like plotting, character motivation, story architecture, etc.

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You want to improve the story, and need more guidance and constructive criticism


ROUND ONE: We’ll start with a manuscript review – a quick read-through to identify any major problems, boring parts that need trimming, conclusions that can be made stronger, suggestions for rewrites, plot improvements or problems, story arc and structural analysis. We’ll ask lots of questions and provide tips and recommendations. Your editor will be a personal writing coach. We’ll send an editorial report on the big issues that can be improved. After you’ve rewritten to your satisfaction, we’ll move on to part two.

ROUND TWO: an in-depth, comprehensive, line-editing that includes rewriting sentences, improving word choice, organization, plotting and pacing. We’ll make the dialogue stronger and more believable, the action more tense and nail-biting, and the emotional peaks less melodramatic and cheesy. For non-fiction, we’ll strengthen your argument and make the writing more engaging.

Anything that can’t be easily fixed, we’ll flag or comment as something that could be improved.

The result will be a very clean and much improved manuscript, but with lots of comments and suggestions, which will probably require some rewriting and extra work on your part. Getting back a heavily edited manuscript like this can be depressing, but know that it will drastically improve your writing skills and help you identify your weaknesses.

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You’re committed to producing a masterpiece, no matter what it takes


ROUND ONE: (Same as in “Extra Bloody”)

ROUND TWO: (Same as in “Extra Bloody”)

ROUND THREE: A final round of proofreading to improve your rewritten or reworked sections, after you’ve had time to reflect on and incorporate our suggestions and comments. We’ll eliminate any remaining typos, errors, or inconsistencies.

This is basically like the “Quick Kill” service – or proofreading on steroids, and again we’ll hack, slash, rewrite, fix, tweak and improve anything we can, but this time we won’t comment on the bigger picture, and we’ll really hone down on the little details, eliminate repetition, trim the writing, and make sure everything is as good as it can be.

If you accepted all of our changes in the last round, but didn’t revise or rewrite any of the issues we flagged, there may not be much for us to do in this round – but it’ll be worth it even if we only catch a handful of typos.

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Timothy Lyon Jr

``After I discovered Book Butchers, I was determined to have my book edited by one of their own. To my surprise I was not just buying an editor, I was receiving a teacher. My knowledge and skill has manifested tremendously in one short month to a level I never saw coming. Thank you for the amazing help and support.``

Terry Coffey

``I feel I am one of the lucky ones to have discovered The Book Butchers. I could not have had a better editor for my particular genre and I am beyond thrilled with the end results. Suggestion: Give my editor a raise. He deserves it!``


  • The Quick Kill

    $.02 per word Proofreading Line Edit (Copy-editing) Fix spelling and grammar Sales copy/summary revision Organization and content Plot and pacing Manuscript Review Formatting (print and ebook) Pre-publication proofread

  • Extra Bloody

    $.04 per word Proofreading Line Edit (Copy-editing) Fix spelling and grammar Sales copy/summary revision Organization and content Plot and pacing Manuscript Review Formatting (print and ebook) Pre-publication proofread

  • The Perfect Murder

    $.06 per word Proofreading Line Edit (Copy-editing) Fix spelling and grammar Sales copy/summary revision Organization and content Plot and pacing Manuscript Review Formatting (print and ebook) Pre-publication proofread

By the way, we have an amazing refund policy.

Special Bonuses

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Let us prove it

Choosing an editor is a big decision. We want to make it easy.


Send us a sample of your book. Our caffeine-fueled, eagle-eyed editors will go through it and then email you with their comments and suggestions. You can ask them any questions you want. They will look for…

  • Typos and grammatical errors.
  • Spelling and word choice issues
  • Punctuation and style
  • Word choice, clarity and flow.
  • Sentence structure and craft

If your writing is already clean, then they’ll discuss bigger picture things with you, like theme, concept, purpose, audience, potential market and branding (including title, subtitle, and tagline or elevator pitch).

Once you feel comfortable and confident in an editor’s expertise, skill and knowledge, and are ready to move ahead, we’ll send an invoice for the first half of the total word count so the editor can get started. We’ll charge the rest when the project is close to completion.

We understand the word count may change with rewrites: that’s OK.

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Even if a book is well-written, and even if it’s been edited professionally, success isn’t guaranteed. Publishing success is partly about branding and design, partly about getting in front of readers so they can start reading, and mainly about whether you satisfy their expectations and over-deliver on genre conventions. We want to do more than simply editing or proofreading your book. We want to help you make sure readers love it. Send us a sample today and see what we can do for you.

In the meantime, here are some resources that will help you find your way.

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