You probably have someone smug in your life who corrects your grammar and catches your typos. Or maybe that’s you, and you need to broadcast your grammatical superiority. Either way, here are a bunch of fun mugs, Tshirts and other things with writing and grammar related themes. Join the contest: if you win, you can choose any of the following.
Gifts for Grammar Police (giveaway)


“I have my red pen ready” Tshirt

editing and proofreading Tshirt gift

Get one here.

“I’m silently correcting your grammar” mug


Get one here.

Grammar owl disapproving Tshirt


Get one here


“Internet grammar is ruining everything” mug


Get one here.


Nice easy grammar checklist mug

common grammar mistakes mug

Get one of these


“Edit or Regret it” wall poster

book editing editor wall poster

Get one here.


A whole set of grammar mugs


Get the whole set here.


“I’m secretly plotting against you,” pendant


Get one here.


Red feather quill

One of a kind, antique looking red feather.



Glowing book lamps

Open it up and the pages shine!



Buy it here.


Amazing book shaped pillows

Based on classic books.


Buy yours here.



More free stuff!


At the top of this post is the giveaway; you can enter and win any of these things. I’m also giving away MORE free stuff on my blog, – go there next and check out what you can win.

  • Jeanie

    04 12 2015

    Brilliant, I need the to, two, too mug for an MD I know who doesn’t understand those are used differently! My second grader is able to correct the memos I must edit for this person!! Too funny!! ?

  • Lissie

    05 12 2015

    Not many grammar things annoy me.

    Except one.

    Using “impact” as a verb. It’s a noun. You can’t ‘impact’ something, but something can have an ‘impact’ on you.

  • Danielle

    05 12 2015

    I love these!! Please enter me in your contest!

  • Hannah C.

    05 12 2015

    “What grammar mistakes or writing issues really annoy you?”

    The one that almost physically hurts is when people use apostrophes for writing the plural form of things (aside for plurals of literal letters, which do require apostrophes). This is the worst during the holidays.

  • Maria

    05 12 2015

    I hate it when people mess up their, there, and they’re. Also its and it’s.

  • Anne Howard

    05 12 2015

    Having won four mugs with my limericks printed on them, I would love to add one or more of these mugs to my collection.

  • Stephanie Machicek

    07 12 2015

    I would love to win. Grammar mistakes are one of my pet peeves behind spelling errors!

  • Bonnie Boucek

    07 12 2015

    Love the mugs! I admit it. There have been times I’ve been guilty of this.

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