Good writing is when individuals allow the pen and paper to seep into the ventricles of his or her heart, letting all raw and bleeding, yet hidden and pulsing emotion translate into words that describe the very things that are afraid to be spoken.


Emotion, to the human being, is like uncharted, yet discoverable territory. Words that stem from these emotions, are vanquished by the centerfold of the mind, and are hiding from the ridicule of those who might hear these words, making them all the more powerful than those predetermined words that are uttered with a lulling whisper.

Good writing fuels the motivation of the growing connection between mind, body, and soul.

A person who is shy to the public eye can hide between the lines of a paper, pouring out emotion into the white spaces that are nonjudgmental and ready for any amounts of ink to penetrate it.


Good writing explores these infectious emotions that are spored from the heart, giving them a dose of uncanny creativity that comes from within these emotions.


Creativity is not earned, it is within the heartfelt words of any individual who allows these words to be formed. Therefore, good writing cannot be totally manifested from another predetermined source because this writing is not personally individualized.


Good writing transforms those tears that are imploded within, those inner and secret smiles that no one but yourself can pick up on, and those boundless obstacles that are only conquered from within into literary masterpieces.


These masterpieces harness every kind of emotion, letting them ride into the horizon of the essence of humanity, allowing the reader themselves to unlock their own wild emotions and understand that he or she too can look into the sunrise or sunset of their own emotions, creating their own masterpieces.


Good writing is endless, boundless, and will forever be appreciated by all whom allow it to be. Cover those blank spaces, let the ink infiltrate and create something that can only be considered magical: good writing.


Jenna Cooper
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States



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