Good writing is being able to capture your audience’s attention and inspire them, motivate them, allow them to reflect, or teach them something new. It’s all about the rhetorical tools that you use and what you do to persuade your audience to believe in the same things you do or have them relive memories that they haven’t thought of in a while.


There’s so much that goes into writing that some people just won’t understand how difficult it is until they sit down and write something that they can honestly say is a damn good piece of work. To get started on even writing a good piece of work you must get started on finding what you would like to write about and how you intend on going about it.


There are just so many ways you can go on with writing that sometimes it’s hard to say what you’re thinking or trying to explain. So to get started it’s great to write down everything that comes to your head. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be what you’re thinking about. Next you look at everything you wrote down and look at what it was you were thinking of and find a thought that you wish to elaborate on and explain or make a story out of.


Great writing isn’t something you can just sit down and make in just a few minutes of writing; it comes with knowing what you’re writing about and knowing how you intend on going on writing about it. Sometimes when you get started on writing about whatever topic or story it is you intend to write you may not like how it’s coming out, but that is perfectly fine and what you do if this happens is just keep writing. Keep writing until you’ve reached complete uncertainty of what you are writing about and then read over what you wrote.


When you do this you may find that you have gone a bit off topic, but the best thing about writing is that you can look at what you have done and edit what you don’t like. If you’re unsure about this method or unsure of me then listen to C.J Cherry who said:


“It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.”


Now if you are all done with your essay and decide that you want to write more reread your essay and reread it again. When you’re done rereading you might find that you could elaborate on a few more topics, add more details to a scene, or add more statistics or anecdotes.


When you do this you want to make sure that you are adding things to the right place and are able to make it flow with the rest of what you have already written. Now that you have finished adding the extra information or details you wanted to add you will revise your piece of work again.


If you really don’t believe that revising is necessary and decide that you’d rather not keep revising your work then think again. All writers good or bad will revise their work again and again and again. It may take a lot of time, but it’s all worth it after you are left with a great piece of good writing.


John Irving said “Half my life is an act of revision” and I suggest that if you would like to be a successful writer than you will do the same with your pieces of work and revise multiple times until you know it is done to the best of your capability.


By writing down your ideas, elaborating, revising, and editing you will find that writing becomes a lot easier and your work is more than exceptional. Writing may be difficult to get started on, but following these few steps will help you write better.


Good writing is being able to write down what you’re thinking of so don’t ever be worried about what others think. As long as you are able to write down everything you could have possibly thought of in the subject you chose to write about, and were able to take the time to revise and add any extra details than you will end up with some good writing.



Ciara Gabriela Rodriguez

Chula Vista, CA



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