Good writing is a creative skill because one can use personal experience as a writing topic. Some strategies used in writing include questioning, note taking, focusing and free writing.


Writing is the world of a good writer because at the end of it, there has to be a practical application either in fiction or non fiction.


Although one may have a writing idea from their own personal lives, people also tend to get them from other materials including the non-printed such as TV,Internet or even radio. One can note take after free writing if more information is needed.


One takes notes from another source that is truly vital for the idea. This source should always be left clean and should not be written on. A writer should not try to put all information in a single paragraph. It is also important not to copy the exact words as it would be wrong to plagiarize, and if you have to do so, make sure you give credit to the writer of your source material. If the material used as a source has headings it is advisable that you use these headings to make subtopics for what one has in mind.


This is an interesting strategy because sometimes you may have a heading but no words to back it up. It is important to pick important nouns that can direct you towards a particular idea. These nouns should fit the topic because that would help in looking for direction towards a specific possibilities to take as a basis.


In every writing, a writer has to have a slight idea of what to write, what he has to do is to write this information down either in form of jottings or diagrams, because many of these ideas may not be used but are very important.


For one to know something, asking is highly encouraged. Most questions fall into six categories: What? Why? Who? When? Where? and How? Asking questions will show a possible aspect in developing the topic. This strategy is very important especially in feature writing because it
has room for opinions unlike news and reviews or editorial pieces because these are usually brief and do not have background information. One needs to skim the article (if you are using source
material) to see what questions might apply, then choose the question which might suggest some aspects to write on.


Once these strategies are used one needs to write paragraphs that are consistent. Revising the program is important for it to be totally improved. According to Mary S. Spangler and Rita R. Werner in their book, A Basic Writing Guide:

“You first revise structure and content: then check for coherence and word choice. The last revision involves correcting and mechanics.”


Usage here refers to errors in sentence writing and mechanics are errors in technical; details like
capitalization and spelling.


Once writing has started it is advisable not to use slang, which are usually weak and go out of use, and cliches that are overused. A writer needs to avoid unnecessary repetition and wordiness, that is using expressions that add words but not details, also check for verb tense and consistency in point of view that is first, second or third and verb tense like present, past and future.


A paragraph is made up of sentences that are joined together by grammatical units. These units shows a relationship between the items linked together. These units may include for, nor, but, yet or so.


What we should always remember is that good writing is a key to new information and ideas just like reading. It opens doors for opportunities and is essential. Good writing involves skills and the
technique of adjusting habits of writing purposes and nature of writing.


Writing effectively has to bring the best out of reader, as E.L Doctorow said:

Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader – not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.





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