Editing your book won’t make it a bestseller

It’s a tough truth, but one you need to hear: sales of your book will always depend on how many people are searching for the kind of book you have, and how well your book meets and satisfies that demand. Our editors can take a rough project and turn it into something polished, engaging and beautiful, but we’re always building on top of what you’ve already created – if you’ve made critical errors in the organization, theme, plot or story, we can suggest ways to improve, but we won’t rewrite the book for you.

I’ve recently added a package of literary services to help you flesh out the critical problems and position your book to sell, but almost all authors make the same amateur mistakes, and the best time to fix them is before you hire an editor. I’ve helped hundreds of authors become bestsellers (including hitting the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists), but I wanted to put some notes, outlines and cheatsheets together to help you plan and structure your book for success.

Make sure your book is bestseller-quality!

If you want to actually learn how to become a writer, how to identify your writing weaknesses and double-check your work before you publish or hire an editor, you should definitely take the course. It has some advanced tips that nobody else has talked about yet, and writing advice you won’t find anywhere else. 



There are resources for fiction and non-fiction, including some content-marketing suggestions to help build your platform and engage readers before you’ve even published.

And because it’s you… 

The normal price of the course is $197, which is already worth it for the amount of value and exclusive information you’d be getting. However, I really want to overdeliver and help you write a successful book, so for a limited time, you can grab it for only $17.

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Spaces limited, enroll now to save 91%!

I recommend going through the course for all writers, but when you’re ready for more help and personalized feedback, make sure you come back to BookButchers to find an editor.


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