To be honest, after recruiting a dozen of the best editors and proofreaders to our team here at BookButchers, I rarely do editing myself, even though for the past few years I’ve been obsessed with the craft of writing and how to make it easier for new authors.

But I do still enjoy the popular $297 first chapter critiques that I do myself – it’s a quick way to figure out why you’re losing readers, whether your intro ticks all the right boxes and is appealing and satisfying. And I’ve also been keeping busy with a handful of ghostwriting projects and clients, where I can make big changes and help build up a messy rough draft into something professional and marketable.

However, I’ve come to discover a lot of our competition is offering a “manuscript critique” service, which is basically one round of passive developmental editing and a 10~15 page report that helps you identify and fix the biggest issues in style and structure, while gaining confidence about your manuscript and publishing opportunities.

Since I charge $297 for 5000 words, $2997 for a 50K manuscript makes sense as a default price. That’s in line with what others are charging, but few have a PhD in Literature, 25 published books, and 3 million views on my writing resources.

But since this is a newish service and I want to test it out and get feedback I can use later, I’m going to hesitantly put out this offer: I’m looking for 10 people who need some help, support, or coaching – maybe who have a book idea or a rough outline, or a finished manuscript that isn’t performing well.

Anybody who is feeling stuck or has lost momentum; with a great idea that they are having trouble executing. If this is you, here’s a one-time Black Friday offer that will probably sell out the moment I announce it to my list…

  • $997 manuscript critique – 65k
  • $1997 manuscript critique – 130K

What you get: Normally I’d read through your entire manuscript and make hundreds of detailed comments and suggestions. And that’s valuable, but it can feel overwhelming, and we want to focus on the biggest areas of improvement with a very clear path towards improvement.

I can spot typos, missing words and formatting or punctuation errors as well as anyone, but where I truly shine is figuring out the heart of your story, the most impactful way to reveal the dramatic bits, and suggest tweaks and plot and character developments that will make everything tighter and more emotionally impactful.

I don’t have a cool name for this service yet, but I think it’s a lot more than a standard manuscript critique or review. This is an overview or evaluation, not a detailed edit or proofread, though I will of course point out some common issues or problems. The main reason this service is different, is that I can actually suggest how to fix things and make your book much stronger.

It’s like an organ transplant, maybe… or CPR. Your book has all the right pieces, but it’s not breathing. We’ll shock it with ten thousand volts of electricity and see if it can stand on its own two feet.

How to choose an editor?

I could be a lot better about presenting myself professionally to convince you to trust me. I’m not going to do that here, because this is a limited time deal and I don’t think I’ll need to work that hard to sell these 10 slots to my email list of 70,000 authors. My availability is extremely limited and I rarely do this kind of structural, comprehensive editing anymore… though I do appreciate the appeal of a focused and limited amount of feedback rather than my normal work process of tedious, time-consuming, pedantic commentary.

But I will say this: Few editors offer any type of refund policy or guarantee, because that puts them at risk after they’ve already done all the work. The Book Butchers is one of the few editing companies with an iron-clad refund policy, which means we often work out of pocket, for free, or lose money on projects. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s usually a breakdown in communication or expectations (it’s a reflection on how busy we get, but never on our skill or quality of service).

What if my book isn’t finished?

Here’s the good news: I’m actually pretty busy through the end of 2022, and you probably are, too. But you can use this deal anytime in the next 3 years. That gives us plenty of time to get organized, and you can cash in and redeem your discount (the service you already paid for) even if I’m charging much higher prices for the same service. If you’re an author, you probably need or have considered this kind of manuscript assessment before. This is your chance to get a good deal and great service, and it’s 100% risk free.

Do I get a coaching call?

Alright, this one makes me sweat a little. I’m an introvert with a sleep disorder so scheduling coaching calls is absolutely not my favorite thing. But I also know it can be a fun, personal value-add and sometimes you just need to talk through your book ideas out loud to resolve them yourself or make new discoveries.

So for black friday 2022, I’m offering a 30-minute coaching call for my $297 first chapter critique service, and TWO 30-minute calls for the longer editorial manuscript review (one before, one after).

This will require me to get organized and have a calendar setup, which is a frightening task for me, but I am pretty great about talking through craft and plot bunnies and stuff – if you’ve watched my youtube channel you know I can cram a ton of useful content in 30 minutes because I talk fast.

I’ve previously charged $500 for an hour of coaching, so to get the 5000 words of critique + 30 minutes of my time for $297 is a pretty good deal. And getting a full book critique for $997 with two coaching calls… insane. But you’re worth it and I’m stretching out my comfort zone. I’m pretty sure it’s not something I’ll offer again.

What if my book is X amount of words?

I’m pretty flexible, so round up or down. Most people charge by 50K or 100K, but I know that most manuscripts are in between or above (mine are typically 75K or 130K).

65K should be about enough for a rough draft that needs fleshing out.

130K is probably a little full of bloat that needs trimming or reducing.

I can help with either. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by email, but keep in mind by the time I reply back to you, these black friday deals will probably be gone already.