Many things in life can stop you from writing your masterpiece — dying being the most final.  But sometimes, even death cannot stop you from finishing what you started.   As human beings, we are born to create.  Art surrounds us in nature at every turn. And just like the heartwood of a tree, our creative gene is at the very core of our being. It is unfortunate how few

Good writing is always sought after and consumed eagerly by hungry readers, who often go on empty stomachs for days searching for its delicate and fragile existence as the warm fire to their stomachs. However, the opposite is true as well; the very word “writing” can be taken away and chopped into a million tiny pieces and ripped of its true morals. There are three main categories which an aspiring

I realize this won’t win the contest. But inspiration struck and I figured you’d appreciate it.   I didn’t have time to write this essay… I was writing my book.   SHELBY K MORRISON Website:  

Just let me say, I have never even scraped my knuckles with the law before. However, lately going to jail doesn’t sound like such a bad idea—as long as it doesn’t involve a lie detector test (more on that later). I know that must sound awful, but let me explain how I reached this level of desperation so you can avoid it completely.   It’s quite simple, really. It’s all

Good writing is when you are on the expressway, the car window is rolled down, there is wind combing through your hair and you feel inspired to write. Just write, it’s not going anywhere, it’s not specific or formatted.   It can be many small ideas like clothespins on a line or an idea infinite like pi. Good writing is when you make your readers your best friends and tell

  “Good writing is remembering detail. Most people want to forget. Don’t forget things that were painful or embarrassing or silly. Turn them into a story that tells the truth,” (Paula Danziger).   Good writing can be seen in many forms, through numerous expressions. One might argue truly great writing is like that of Fitzgerald’s work—evoking emotions of hope, while simultaneously making you wish you lived in the worlds of

Good writing is writing that comes from the heart. I’m sure that’s been said a thousand times before and must sound just as cheesy on paper as it does in my head, but I don’t believe anything has been truer.   Good writing is too often considered to be writing that fits a purpose, writing that follows grammatical rules and regulations, writing that is built upon concrete values and structure.

The definition of good writing is rather subjective and malleable to change. How “good” is good? Some people saw Fifty Shades of Grey and worship it like the new gem of erotica literature. Others want to wash it down their toilets or burn it for Bonfire day. In truth, when it comes to creative writing, it matters not what subject one is dwelling into, but how one deliver it.  

Good writing is when a turning mixture of ideas are laid to a page word by word. It’s as if you’re a mason builder, using the tools of your insight to construct the finished product. Some may want to build small cottages while others feel the need to create expansive castles.   Despite the variations, all good stories start with a foundation or an idea. An idea that isn’t afraid

Good writing is something that cannot be described, it’s more like inscribed. Not mentioned, but embedded. Good writing will leave scars embedded inside for the rest of your life. It’ll take something simplistic and turn it into sorcery. There’s no formula behind it, but it’s similar to a scientific experiment in the sense that the outcome is unknown. It’ll have you guessing the whole way through because literary language is