Writing a book is easy. Writing a good book is hard. There are more people than you can begin to imagine who dream of making it as a writer.   A lot of these people will never see that dream come true because they will never finish their work. They will be “working on their” insert the blank for the rest of their lives or until they simply quit. The

Writing a book is a daunting task. Just sitting there, staring at a blank, white screen or at a stack of blank, white paper, it is very easy to get intimidated. Can you imagine that?   Can you imagine being scared of a ream of paper? 500 sheets of entirely inanimate tree matter and it may as well be a mountain. But, just like every other mountain in the world,

Although we’ve been editing books for years, Book Butchers is a new book editing service focused on meeting authors’ needs. We should be open for business by May 2014, but feel free to send us a message or submit your sample – we’ll get right on it!  

We are setting Book Butchers up as a premium book editing service and we want to become the #1 site for brain-defying brilliance and genius level editing. We will continue to recruit and hire the best in the business. Book editing is one of those awesome jobs you can do from anywhere – all you need is a laptop. You’ll work for us on a freelance, per-project basis, and be