Editing your manuscript is important, but once you’re ready to publish it’s the book cover design that’s going to do the majority of the heavy lifting. Recently at a writer’s conference, someone asked – “If you’re on a budget and can’t afford both, what’s more important, editing or book cover?”

The audience groaned, because of course, ideally, you’d want both.

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But the moderator’s answer was this: “Without a great book cover, they’ll never open the book to notice the poor editing.” I’ve worked with tens of thousands of authors and every day I get emails from newly published writers who can’t figure out why their books aren’t selling. Nearly always, the problem is the cover.

  • It doesn’t convey genre or topic
  • It’s amateur or unprofessional

Especially if you’re self-publishing, that tiny little thumbnail graphic on Amazon will likely be the ONLY time potential readers ever see your book; they haven’t read the blurb, don’t know what it’s about, but will still pass on the cover alone. It’s heartbreaking to watch authors pour time and energy into book promotion or marketing and fight and uphill battle, because they simply couldn’t get a good enough cover designed for their book.

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