An uncommon craft guide for authors

One time I brought a magic trick to elementary school. It was a coloring book, where the pages would show as blank, then illustrated, then full color, depending on how it was displayed. I performed a few times, astounding my friends.

But then at recess, a classmate snuck into my desk, stole the trick and showed everyone exactly how it worked. I was mortified.

“It’s a trick,” she showed everyone. “It’s not real magic.”

The difference between real magic and just a trick is the challenge I’ve been struggling to comprehend for the past few months.

You see, I’ve been working on a book about the craft of writing. It’s gotten a little out of hand: starting with the subtitle, cut the fluff, keep the magic, it’s spiraled into a 500-page craft book full of literary trivia and spellcraft.

In many different ways, I’m trying to give you the structure and ritual you need so you can cast powerful spells over your readers. I’ve even found a way to structure it around four magic words.

This goes beyond plotting or writing, this is deep magic that I’ve never seen in another writing book (I’m stumbling through a dark tunnel, naming things as I discover them).

The challenge is, showing how the trick works without spoiling the magic. Going from amateur (one who does for love) to expert (one who does from experience) without losing the joy of writing.
“There is nothing more disenchanting to man, than to be shown the springs and mechanism of an art.” –Robert Louis Tevenson

Don’t be disappointed or discouraged once you see how the tricks work. That doesn’t make them any less magic or powerful, because the truth is, magic is not what’s performed or how. Magic is what happens when the viewer’s imagination engages with the material being presented.

But there’s no trick here: I want you to become a master conjurer. A sorcerer of words. And if you preorder a copy before the launch date, you’ll get 3 of my best writing courses for free. Because everyone deserves the chance to tell the best version of their story.



Cut the Fluff, Keep the Magic

After years of working with authors and writing books full-time, I’ve finally cracked the code of writing quality books. These are the mistakes every author makes, the universal rules of great writing, easy to follow strategies for plotting and editing your book that nobody else has ever talked about. Is this the secret weapon that will revolutionize your writing? Isn’t it worth finding out?

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