At the end of the day, answering your emails isn’t nearly as satisfying and productive as writing 500 words in your manuscript. I have some mutated Wonder Woman glitch in my brain that makes me volunteer for jobs or writing projects or helping friends out at a rate that would stagger a cheetah. And it ends badly. I’m either stressed out so much that I start eating my weight in

Here are some of my most useful resources for writing fiction. This is the stuff our editors are uniquely trained in, which makes them more effective than any other editor or proofreader out there for your novel. A 25-chapter plotting template to outline your novel   Crucial things for every scene (Revision Checklist)   The three types of conflict   Tension and suspense Our editors can point out weak or

  We love this short video by Polly Courtney about the four stages of editing. It’s a great introduction to what it takes to get a manuscript ready for publication.        

A guided zombie adventure of the most common grammatical mistakes in English English has a lot of rules. Sometimes they can be tricky. So we’ve taken the top 25 most abused grammatical rules and woven them into a zombie narrative. Enjoy! 1. The use of “who” and “whom” Who – subjective pronoun, like “he,” “she,” “it” – acts as a subject. Whom – objective pronoun, like “him,” “her” “us” The

We had a lot of great essays but could only pick one winner, and it was… Jail Time, Poo, and Writing by Crystal Aceves Crystal will get a free edit and we’re going to help her redo her book cover and finalize her print book. We also decided to award some runner-up prizes. These other essays also caught our attention – the writers will get 20% off editing at Book

I knew I was meant to write the moment I discovered not everyone salivates over a blank notebook and a freely flowing ink pen. I knew I was meant to convey my thoughts through people who didn’t exist outside of my imagination. I knew I’d spend my days playing in cream pages soaked with black typeface.   I knew I was meant to live a thousand lives within my own.

Like many, I’d struggled for a number of years trying to squeeze out a book. Then it hit me, it hit me like a freight train, and now I can’t stop writing. Yes, I can almost, hear you thinking as you read this. Jerk!   If it makes you feel better, I’ve heard it to my face too, and on more than one occasion. What I’d started to do, as

Life takes on a peculiar existential clarity when you realize, ten minutes too late, that you have absentmindedly swallowed a potentially lethal dose of your dog’s high-potency thyroid medication. As I tried unsuccessfully to undo my terrible mistake (without getting too explicit, suffice it to say that I am in no danger of ever becoming bulimic), my life flashed before my eyes.   I’m not talking about the part of

You love gardens. You have always loved gardens. You have appreciated the gardens of others since you were a child. You daydream about gardens at odd moments, and some gardens are like old friends you return to when you need a lift to your spirits. Gardens have helped you through some tough times in your life. You’d like to create one that might help someone else. You decide that you’d

Cursing, Crockery and Cream Buns How to Handle Rejection   SUPER SAGE Rejection slips, or form letters, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil – but there is no way around them. (Isaac Asimov)   FAB FIVE Reject: To throw back. OUCH! Dear Reject. As a writer you make a great dishwasher. Pain. Hurt. Embarrassment. Deeply personal. Ego. This is me. An