We get it, editing is really expensive. Not everybody can afford to have their book edited by pros.


So we’re going to giveaway two free book edits every year (“Extra Bloody” level).


All you have to do is write a short article/essay (1000 words or so) using the writing prompt, “How to write a book.”


Suggested topics include writing a book, literature, story and character development, your personal strategies for productivity, dealing with writer’s block, etc. We want helpful and useful stuff that will be beneficial to other authors writing books. We like history, quotes from famous people, great writing and innovative techniques or strategies for writing and publishing books in our high-tech age. Please include a title for your essay.


We want high-quality, genius level writing, not something you cranked out. Don’t focus on winning, focus on being entertaining and providing value. Winners will be chosen in part by a voting system: shares on social media = votes. So you can share your article on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to share it as well. (Free tip – people won’t share boring stuff. Be amazing, controversial, fascinating, shocking even!)


We don’t want it to just be a popularity contest (whoever has the most active online friends wins) so the votes will be weighed against our personal favorites, which we feel were the best written. The contest will give everybody a chance to win, and also gives us some great content we can share.


We will post all the articles on this website as they come in (we’ll edit them for free, just to remove any typos, spelling or grammar issues, but leave the basic content and style as is). If you’d like a link back to your personal site, so readers can find you, just tell us (may be useful for book promotion, or if you’re a freelance copy writer).


We’d also like to choose 10 to 20 of the best submissions and put them together in a book, which will be made available in print and ebook formats. If we pick yours we’ll give you bragging rights as a published author and an Amazon gift card.

Contest Deadline and Details

We’ll have a rolling deadline, with the first prize being chosen in about July (2014), and the next in December. That’s a nice long period of time for you to think about and write your essays. Please copy and paste them into an email, or attach a Word file, with your full name, book or website, and anything else you’d like to say about yourself.


You can see all the entries here.


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