Here at the BookButchers, we’re slow and meticulous – but we understand we can’t help everyone and not everyone should invest in professional editing. There has never really been any cheaper option until recently, with AI tools. Just for fun, we started a little side project called “GhostTheWriter” and filled it with some powerful editing and revision tools you can use to improve your writing.

Since using AI tools is relatively cheap, this means you can edit your *entire* book (up to 100,000 words) for just $25. This is cheaper even than an editing tool like Grammarly or ProwritingAid, and it’s much more powerful. You see, I don’t want to have to manually check and approve every single typo, punctuation or spelling mistake.

cheap book editing services

Especially for proofreading, I just want to paste in a chapter and have all my mistakes fixed. If you want to, there are more advanced style and revision tools to strengthen your writing – you can get feedback from famous authors, improve the style, conflict, drama, description, “show don’t tell” and even quickly switch tenses.

No matter which editor you choose, it’s important to give them the cleanest possible version of your manuscript, so they can focus on the high-level details without getting bogged down in pedantic but easily fixable mistakes. That’s why we feel confident offering this budget solution.

GhostWriter AI: The best AI writing tool?

Because it was developed for authors in mind, and focuses on specific fiction and nonfiction writing challenges. It offers a variety of genre and writing styles, so you can take your rough draft and make it significantly better in just an hour or two. Once you’ve experimented enough to find the style and quality of voice you’re looking for, just copy/paste each chapter into our tool and save the results back into your document.

Other AI tools like chatGPT get lost of confused easily, so it’s tricky to maintain a consistent voice and tone; or they edit and change too much when you’re just looking for a simple proofread without changing or editing the content and style of your original manuscript.

We’re calling it “Syntax Sorcery” – which refers to the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language, and we think it’s a great, affordable alternative to hiring an editor (it’s not quite the same of course, but let the robots handle the easy stuff while saving up for a skilled editor to point out and fix the major issues).

cheap book editing and proofreading

Go sign up for a free account, and test out the options to see if it works for you. We think the proofreading option is pretty great, and the style revision might even replace a good line-edit or developmental edit, which could save you thousands of dollars.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry, we’re still available 😉