Book editing and proofreading services

for fiction and non-fiction authors

Publishing a book that doesn’t sell, or worse – gets bad reviews – isn’t fun. It’s all right for your friends to flatter you and tell you everything is going to be alright. But you need a book editor who isn’t afraid to use a lot of red ink. Sometimes, to fix a manuscript, you need to cut off an arm or a leg. The Book Butchers offer premium book editing services. We are committed to becoming the #1 site for brain-defying brilliance and genius level editing, and helping both non-fiction and fiction authors perfect their manuscript for maximum success.


We give authors what they really need

Reconstructive surgery and deep healing, not just a cosmetic band-aid.


“After I discovered Book Butchers, I was determined to have my book edited by one of their own. To my surprise I was not just buying an editor, I was receiving a teacher. My knowledge and skill has manifested tremendously in one short month to a level I never saw coming. Thank you for the amazing help and support.” -Timothy Lyon Jr


The Book Butchers are insanely talented book editors with decades of experience trimming meat from fat, separating skin from flesh, exact anatomical knowledge of fiction and non-fiction writing, and the right tools and techniques for each precision cut. Our proofreading, editing and manuscript review packages are specifically tailored to help you publish the best possible version of your story.


book editing for indie authors


We don’t hire beginners


Our editors are confident, calculated, experienced and ruthless. We tend to look for people with at least an MA in Literature and 2 years of full-time book editing experience, but will also give editors a chance if they’ve edited at least 10 books and can provide references from happy clients; or if they’re successful authors themselves who have published several books.


But we only give them a chance

Although we hire the world’s best editors, we still make them compete for the work by having them send you a personalized trial edit, in an arena of trial-by-fire, only the best survive, copy editing combat.

  kill your darlings writing editingkill your darlings writing editing


This method separates the wheat from the chaff, as the absolute best editors will get work, and the talented, but not amazing, will have to seek employment from a less demanding company. This also lets you get to know them, compare their notes and improvements, and ensure you get the best editor for your book.



“I feel I am one of the lucky ones to have discovered The Book Butchers. I could not have had a better editor for my particular genre and I am beyond thrilled with the end results. Suggestion: Give my editor a raise. He deserves it!” -Terry Coffey

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