Perfect Your Hook!

Whether they’ve received a free review copy or paid to purchase your book, the majority of readers will only give it 5 pages to hook their interest. If they don’t care about the characters, don’t understand what’s happening, or are turned off by the presentation of material, they’ll put your book down and never pick it up again.

It is critical that your first chapter sucks them in and keeps them reading. There’s no use editing the full book if you lose readers in the first chapter.

We’ve set up a unique “first chapter critique” service which includes up to 5,000 words. Not only will this be an instructive developmental edit, pointing out exactly where your weaknesses lie and what you can do to make them better, it’ll also include:

Market Analysis and Metadata optimization

Make it easy for readers to find you! We’ll identify the right market for your book, and suggest the keywords and categories to help readers find your books online. SEO experts will help position so that it gets discovered organically on Amazon or Google. 

Blurb Revision and Amazon Page

We’ll help make sure you correctly categorize your book and choose the right keywords, but getting found isn’t enough. You need a blurb that actually sells the book. We’ll rewrite the blurb to balance the fine line between discoverability and intrigue. We’ll also help you create 3 brilliant “hooks” you can test in your marketing or sales copy. 


Is your book ready for editing?

Do you have a manuscript that you think is finished, but aren’t sure if it’s ready to publish? Are you worried about whether anybody else will think it’s any good? Are you putting together a book proposal or query to attract an agent or publisher, or preparing to self-publish for the first time? How about just starting a book, but want to make sure it’s marketable before you invest more time in it?

Make sure you have a strong start and a killer opening before you waste extra time and money. This in-depth structural critique will help you figure out who your audience is and how to captivate them from the get-go.

Order your first chapter critique now for 497 $297!

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PS. This service is personally provided by Derek Murphy (the founder of Book Butchers, who holds a Ph.D. in Literature but rarely works with clients any more. His plotting and writing tips and videos have had over 2 million views on YouTube).

IF you’re comfortable making this critique public to help other writers, I can share your writing with my platform, but it’s absolutely fine to keep it private as well.


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