Recently I went to a writing conference and realized something surprising. Most authors spend years writing their book. Only a few study craft, plotting or structure – those that do often focus on the lyrical quality of language rather than the actual content (who’s going to read this and why should they?)

Conferences are divided between agents and publishers looking for new projects, and self-publishing services offering to take author to the next level.

However, the commercial success of a project always depends on how well you can communicate the value of your book to the right audience.

Some authors spend years figuring this out (on top of the years it took to write the book!). They query and pile up rejection slips, and go to conferences like this one to PAY to for the privilege of pitching agents in person, hoping and waiting for their big break. If they can’t get any interest, they turn to self-publishing and pay to publish. 

However, indie published books still won’t be successful if you haven’t already learned to communicate value (most publishing companies will take your money and do the work, but they won’t help you figure out WHY the book won’t sell or HOW to connect with your audience). In fact, most of self-publishing companies may not really want your book to sell, because then they can offer you “marketing services” – which won’t actually fix the core problems with your book like cover or blurb. Or they’ll build you an “author website”, that looks good but is invisible because nobody sees it unless you drive traffic.

With all this in mind, I’ve used my literary expertise (and a PhD in Literature) plus over a decade in the publishing industry, to create some brand new literary services for authors that will ACTUALLY help your book sell.

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