Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriter and ghostwriting services for authors and books

Our top-notch editing services will preserve your voice, while improving your writing as much as possible. But sometimes we wish we could just grab the pen and write it for you. True writing mastery can take decades to earn, so even though we can point out flaws and suggest ways to improve, we could still make it better if we had the freedom to rewrite more heavily. Some of our clients wanted more than an editor or writing coach; they wanted a writing partner who could help them get the book over the finish line. And since I also know most ghostwriters are rubbish, I’ve decided to offer these high-level services to help those who need them.

I’m still working on the clever names for these.

Dueling Pistols (cowriting) – $0.12 cents per word.

Includes all our normal levels but with much heavier rewriting and revision, including story development. You can expect roughly 25% of new or rewritten content.

The Big Bang (ghostwriting) – $0.25 cents per word.

You will have an idea, and outline, a collection of post-it notes, yellowing binders of autobiographical anecdotes, rough scenes or sections or blog posts, or recorded videos talking through your ideas. We’ll help you develop it, organize it and write it. We’ll even include a book cover that will triple your sales, compared to the ugly ones other “writing gurus” are offering with their expensive publishing packages.

Let us know if you’re interested in this service when you submit your sample.

PS. If you’re torn between the .06 and .12 cent options, we strongly suggest booking the first chapter critique service first so you can get a better understanding of what you need.




PS. This service is personally provided by Derek Murphy (the founder of Book Butchers, who holds a PhD in Literature. His plotting and writing tips and videos have had over 2 million views on YouTube).