Whether you want to go traditional or self-publish, you need two things to be successful:

  • a much better product
  • a brilliant hook

“Great art has an audience,” which means, even if you write a brilliant book, nobody will care if you can’t hook their attention immediately. Writers who spent years writing an intricate story often have a hard time limiting it to a one-sentence pitch, or fitting it neatly into a genre category. But your pitch is critical: whether it’s in the query you send to literary agents, or add to the top of your Amazon book listing, the hook is going to get people to lean in and be willing to learn more about your book.

Get it wrong, and your book will fail.

At Book Butchers, we’ve always focused on helping you tell the best version of your story with high quality editing and proofreading, but we want to be there and support you through the next step as well: how to actually get your book out into the world so readers can adore it. Which means, you’ll need to assess the commercial viability of your manuscript, and focus on turning it into an attractive and seductive product that makes readers or agents beg to read it (and actually be willing to pay for it!)

Why risk it? Get help!

Our literary services are meant to help you quickly fix core issues in your book that could kill its success. Don’t overspend on editors who will polish the story you have, without first considering your book’s commercial potential. If you want to get a head start on your book marketing and ensure the ultimate success of your project, we recommend starting with these literary services before you hire one of our professional editors to go deeper.

Market Analysis and Metadata optimization

Make it easy for readers to find you! We’ll identify the right market for your book, and suggest the keywords and categories to help readers find your books online. SEO experts will help position so that it gets discovered organically on Amazon or Google. 

Blurb Revision and Amazon Page

We’ll help make sure you correctly categorize your book and choose the right keywords, but getting found isn’t enough. You need a blurb that actually sells the book. We’ll rewrite the blurb to balance the fine line between discoverability and intrigue. We’ll also help you create 3 brilliant “hooks” you can test in your marketing or sales copy. 

Author Platform Assistance

Before saying yes to your book, agents and publishers are going to review your author website and social media profiles, to make sure you’ve put some effort into building a platform and developing a relationship with their readers.

If you’re self-publishing, your platform will be even more important, because success will depend on cultivating fans and connecting with other authors in your genre. You’ll need to build a list of beta-readers to get reviews on your book quickly, or your book will be dead on arrival. 

We’ve built several online courses on building an author platform, setting up your website and email list, getting social media followers quickly, and how to communicate with your fans. We’ve put these together into a course bundle called “Guerrilla Publishing” – which includes all the service above plus a developmental edit of your first chapter.


Is your book ready for editing?

Do you have a manuscript that you think is finished, but aren’t sure if it’s ready to publish? Are you worried about whether anybody else will think it’s any good? Are you putting together a book proposal or query to attract an agent or publisher, or preparing to self-publish for the first time? How about just starting a book, but want to make sure it’s marketable before you invest more time in it? This commercial and literary analysis of your first 5000 words (“first chapter critique”) will help you identify red flags and publish with confidence.

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literary review critique services

How it works: 
after clicking the red button above, you’ll be directed to a welcome form where you can attach a short summary of your project, the first few chapters, a blurb or any marketing research you’ve done. We’ll help you hone down your pitch and target audience, and if necessary brainstorm titles and subtitles.

We’ll give you feedback on your marketing challenges, the commercial viability of your book, and a detailed first chapter critique that will help you improve your first 2000 words.

These services will be personally provided by Derek Murphy (the founder of Book Butchers, who holds a PhD in Literature). His marketing resources have helped thousands of authors publish successfully.



Bestseller Blueprint

PS. If you’d like to actually learn how to self-edit and improve your book yourself, you should check out the Bestseller Blueprint course – it’ll help you avoid common mistakes and improve reader satisfaction by creating an amazing book they love.

You’ll get detailed templates, outlines and checklists for both fiction and nonfiction that will make it easy to pinpoint the weaknesses in your own writing. We’ve secured a massive discount for a you, but it’s only available for a limited time.

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