We’re in a weird dystopia, where new AI writing tools and software will soon make it easy to proofread, edit typos and fix grammar. This part is great, because authors can save a lot of money and editors can focus on the real, big picture issues. Personally, we’re not threatened by AI, because very few editors are capable of providing the high-level, critical feedback that we can, and authors will always pay for quality.

Things get murky, however, when you learn that AI can actually write pretty well. Maybe better than you can. Hiring ghostwriters is not a new thing; people have been using them for ages. Even famous celebrities. It’s not looking down on, as a “cheat” or hack. Ghostwriters allow people to tell their stories, without spending decades learning skills that won’t get replicated with more projects.

Writing is hard, it makes sense NOT to spend a lifetime learning the craft, if it isn’t going to be your main profession. But, ghostwriting has always been pretty expensive – in the $25~$75K range. We at Book Butchers have a simplified arrangement, where we’ll take your notes and revise and expand them into a bestseller, but honestly we should be charging more.

Ghostwriting software (AI tools)

If you want a fun, literary AI tool designed specifically for fiction writers, go play with GhostTheWriter – where you can hire the soul of a famous dead authors as a writing partner. But there are a bunch of new, cutting edge writing and editing tools that are going to change things in a big way this year.

I built Ghost to make editing easier, and cheaper – it may even become a partial replacement for this editing services website. But there are other, more robust AI writing tools like SudoWrite. If you wait a few months, I think Grammarly and ProwritingAid will have AI revision tools as well, so this new tech is going to become fairly common.

Even if you hire an editor – (we’re the best) – an editing app or software to clean up your manuscript is a good idea, because you don’t want to pay extra to waste our time with simple mistakes. I keep an updated list of the best writing software & apps that will make it easier to write your book – so make sure you’ve got the support you need.