The Book Butchers is a small group of professional editors with decades of experience.

We’ve set up a system that makes it easier for you to find the right editor for your job, and 95% of our clients are thrilled with our work.

To make sure we can satisfy your needs, please make sure you understand and agree to our process, which is as follows:

Submitting a Sample

You can submit a sample on the homepage and it will go out to our of our editors (it will never be shared to anyone else and is completely safe with us).

If an editor has interest in your project, they’ll write back and introduce themselves, attaching a sample edit. You can ask them any questions you have, and when you feel comfortable, we’ll move forward to the next step.

First Payment

We’ll send a PayPal invoice for half of the total cost. Our simple, wordcount-based pricing makes it easy for you to estimate the exact cost of the project.

We’ll pay the editor immediately so they can start working.

When they’re about halfway done with the project, they’ll send it back to you for approval.

This is the time to raise any concerns or issues.

If you don’t like what the editor is doing, or feel like they aren’t getting your voice right, let us know right away. You can also communicate directly with the editor, and see if they are willing to redo the first half or address your concerns.

Keep in mind that every editor is different: it’s easy to catch typos and fix mistakes, but we pride ourselves on improving the writing, which means restructuring sentences and paragraphs to avoid repetition, smoothen the flow and style, and make the text cleaner and more engaging.

If you’ve paid for one of the premium services, “part one” will be more focused on reviewing your book’s organization and making suggestions to strengthen the plot or story, or moving sections around to enhance the entire manuscript. You’ll need to do some rewriting. We don’t want to start editing the individual sentences until we’re sure everything is in the right place.

If you aren’t happy and want a refund…

If you aren’t happy with how things are going or frustrated with your editor, we will refund you 100%. Book Butchers will eat the loss, and the editor will keep the money for the work done. This is the best way to protect both our editors, and our clients. 

Second Payment

If you are happy with your editor and how things are going, we’ll request the second half of the total cost so the editor can keep working on your project. Please keep in mind, after this point, we can no longer refund 100% of your total project cost.

The editor will continue working on your project and deliver the final files.
If any critical issues come up or you are unsatisfied with our service, we can still refund you 50% of the total project cost in certain circumstances.

We do this even though it means our platform sometimes operates at a loss.

I doubt you’ll find any other editors who offer refunds after the work is done.

But we’re tired of hearing horror stories about authors spending lots of money on an editor, and getting screwed over when the quality isn’t what they expected. Also, we rarely get refund requests, because we’re really good.

If you’re happy with our services, we’ll ask for feedback so you can give us a testimonial (which means some free visibility for you) and we’ll also deliver the $331 in bonuses we promised, that will help you with book formatting, cover design and marketing.

If that sounds good, get started now by sending in a free sample.