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dereksquareMy name is Derek Murphy; I first started editing books while working on my PhD in Literature. Then I got more into self-publishing, became a book designer, and now mostly help authors build platforms so they can sell more books with clever branding and marketing.


But as a writer and editor, I’d come to realize how important book editing was, and how tricky working with an editor could be. On the one hand I had dozens of authors asking me for recommendations for book editors, and on the other hand, I had a network of excellent book editors who didn’t know how to connect with clients.


Since I’d learned quite a bit about running online businesses, I decided to start Book Butchers. We keep things lean and mean, and basically operate as a “matchmaker” service that allows authors to find the perfect editor for their book, by sending in a free sample and getting several qualified edits.


But we aren’t an editing farm; we don’t just let anybody in, and we don’t charge editors a fee to be listed. We seek out the best editors and give them a chance to participate. I’m busy with lots of other projects, including writing my own fiction and non-fiction books, and teaching authors about book marketing. So my business partner Tammy keeps track of the projects. I only step in if something goes wrong (which rarely happens).


You can find out more about me at www.creativindie.com, www.marketingforwriters.com¬†or www.bookcovers.creativindie.com. But keep in mind, I won’t be editing your book personally, so when you send in a sample, get to know your editor and make sure you’re a good fit. You should also watch my video course on editing and self-editing.

Derek Murphy

Phone: 971-270-2017


(We’re a small business, so we don’t have a dedicated staff member to take phone calls – but you can leave us a message and we’ll get back to you. Or just send us an email.)

Location: #24, 698 Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97224

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