“I am very pleased with the service Book Butchers have given me in the completion of my book. Their follow-up and contributions have led to a much better book. Having a true professional to work with in the editing process has been invaluable for me . I would definitely recommend Book Butchers services to others!” – John Surdal
“I had a brief horror short story collection that needed editing. It was my first self-published work and my first time getting edited online, and the process could not have been any easier.  Despite my collection being a shorter work than average, I was treated wonderfully, as a valued customer. My editor was terrific, and she helped me see the strong points in my writing. 100% recommended!” -Shane Hall

“The process was extremely transparent and I had a lot of dialogue with my editor throughout. We discussed points of difference and tried to find workable solutions to some unique problems. The language ‘clean-up’ effort he did was excellent.” -Amy Orr

“The editor was very easy to work with… he took his time with me before I decided he was the editor for me.  He coached me through tough decisions, always being helpful as I slice, dice and cut. With his guidance, I have better chapter beginnings and endings. Other than those things, he’s left a lot up to me. This was exactly what I felt I needed.” -Lilian Casselberry

“As their name states, these guys are brutal. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It made my story stronger and I feel much better about it. Thanks for everything!” –Josh Johnson

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