We love to read. And since we can’t turn off our hyperactive, anal-retentive, copyediting superpowers, we find lots of typos.


No matter if it’s mainstream or self-published, we find a few typos in every book we read.


We usually contact the author and let them know so that they can fix it.


But we’re busy, and sometimes we forget, so we’ll also be jotting them down on this website.


This isn’t to “shame” authors by calling them on their typos – authors love having typos pointed out so they can fix the book and preserve their reputation.


I also think it’s inspiring for would-be authors to know that even big names and bestselling books have typos.

Even books that have been professionally edited (not by us, for course, but other editing services).


If you find a typo in a book you’re reading, let us know and we’ll post it on our site (a small handful is to be expected. If a book has a dozen or more, they should have hired a proofreader – but do them a favor and email them the list so they can fix their book).


If you want to see the typos we’ve found, here’s the category link:



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