We understand that new authors may need a little help getting professional feedback and a critique of their work, once they’re ready to share their story with the world… and that editing is a big cost they may not be prepared for – especially younger writers. So we’re organizing a writing contest to win free editing services, to help support fresh voices.

All you need to do is submit the first 3 chapters (around 5000 words) of your manuscript or work in progress. We’ll choose a handful each year to help hone and polish stories we think have great potential.

  • 1ST PLACE (x1) – $3500 passive developmental edit/editorial critique (heavy revisions)
  • 2ND PLACE (x2) – $1500 passive developmental edit/editorial critique (light revisions)
  • 3RD PLACE (x3) – $297 “first chapter critique” with feedback on your sample

We love to help launch great projects, so we’ll also help you figure out you genre, audience and edit your blurb or sales copy. We’ll also use our platform to give you a visibility boost, by linking to your book or website. 

If all that sounds good and you’re still interested, please use this form to upload your file.


entry fee: free