I’ve always wanted a magic 8-ball style writing prompts generator, and recently I had one built that’s pretty cool. You can spin combinations to get really interesting ideas. They’re slightly mature but not dirty; great for middle school or highschool writing classes; or for a brain tickle when you’re mired in writer’s block and need something fun and light to break back into writing.

writing prompts generator

You can see more writing prompt examples and a walkthrough over on my blog, or just press the button to go over to Promptoria and see how it works.

Story writing generator

AI is quickly changing the game for writers. I wanted to show off what the technology is capable of, so I built an automatic story writing generator *inside* of promptoria – just click the button until you get a prompt you like, and then click “write this story” to get it written for you.

And it gets better: you can even edit the prompt at the top of the page and put in anything you want. Stuck on a scene? Need a bit of witty dialogue or a rhyming limerick? A list of 20 fantasy character names that start with certain initials? A description of the roman forum in 20BC? It can do anything. Go ahead, try it out. If it’s useful, please share!