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[carousel_client_testimonial name=”Joanie Finn” ]Your work is fantastic. You have absolutely nailed the edit. It’s so easy to read. It’s so clear. You’ve managed to keep my authentic voice running throughout the draft. My goodness, you have serious talent. I’m so pleased I found you. Thank you for your work, your skill, your help, your time, your contribution and energy.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Dek Gleeson” ]I don’t have sufficient words to describe the encouragement, guidance, and help that my editor provided me. She turned a messy manuscript into a readable book. Her command of the English language and written word are awe inspiring, and her editing is tight but not brutal. Ability mixed with humility is a wonderful combination.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Lanre Balogun” ]I am happy with many of the comments and questions you raised, very helpful for me as an author to look at the book from a reader’s perspective. Hats off to you —- WELL DONE.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”John Surdal” ]I’m impressed!
Valid questions and numerous excellent adds/deletes. Actually, it makes me a bit depressed to see all those changes… after reading your corrected copy, it flows so much better. There’s no doubt I needed a pro editor.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Shane Hall” ]I had a brief horror short story collection that needed editing. It was my first self-published work and my first time getting edited online, and the process could not have been any easier.  Despite my collection being a shorter work than average, I was treated wonderfully, as a valued customer. My editor was terrific, and she helped me see the strong points in my writing.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Amy Orr” ]The process was extremely transparent and I had a lot of dialogue with my editor throughout. We discussed points of difference and tried to find workable solutions to some unique problems. The language ‘clean-up’ effort he did was excellent.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Lilian Casselberry” ]The editor was very easy to work with… he took his time with me before I decided he was the editor for me.  He coached me through tough decisions, always being helpful as I slice, dice and cut. With his guidance, I have better chapter beginnings and endings. Other than those things, he’s left a lot up to me. This was exactly what I felt I needed.[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Josh Johnson” ]As their name states, these guys are brutal. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It made my story stronger and I feel much better about it. Thanks for everything![/carousel_client_testimonial]
[carousel_client_testimonial name=”Allison Sipe” ] I have to give a big THANK YOU to my editor. I truly feel like I struck gold. He helped me make Soothsayer into the beautiful novel it is today. His edits were always thoughtful and he did an amazing job keeping my voice intact while fleshing out the details. I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work.[/carousel_client_testimonial]

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